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If you don’t know what the Ford Chip Shortage or Global Chip Shortage is, you can read our primer about the Ford Chip Shortage, which details how we got here and what’s going on.

If you are familiar with the current micro-chip shortage and you’re wondering if you should Pre-order or Customer Order your next new Ford or pull ahead the Ford lease you have now and get a new Ford right now, contact one of Bill Brown’s Sales Specialists directly at 734-237-3832. If your Ford lease is due anytime in the next six to nine months, there has never been a better time to pull ahead your existing lease and get a new Ford car or truck.

If your lease due date is four months or more from April 27, 2021, this is the BEST time ever to pull ahead your lease. There is a great chance that you can get more than you are expecting when you trade in your current Ford for a new Ford from Bill Brown. We currently need late model Ford trade-ins, so it’s the best time to pull your lease ahead. If this is something that you’re interested in, we will take care of the lease pull ahead costs. Please contact us right away to check out our inventory and get into a brand-new Ford car or truck before inventories get even tighter this summer.   

If you would like to Pre-order your new Ford car or truck – your way, we can take care of that for you too. If you Preorder or Custom Order your new Ford from Bill Brown, you will receive an extra $500 off the lease or purchase of your new Ford. Plus, you will be able to lock in today’s low-interest rates and custom order the exact car you want. Ford will be prioritizing direct dealership orders, so it is also the FASTEST WAY to get a new Ford car or truck. If you order your car your way, you will get the exact model you want in the right trim level and color – with the specific options you want. If the deals and incentives do change, you will receive written confirmation from us that you will receive the best deal available at delivery.

Michigan Ford Dealer Bill Brown 2021 Expedition
Michigan Ford Dealer Mach E at Bill Brown Ford

As the summer season approaches, it’s clear that the supplies of our most popular models are going to be limited. At Bill Brown, we’re your partner, and we want to ensure that you move forward in the new Ford car or truck you want the most. That’s why we’re putting a process in place today so that when more shoppers are chasing fewer cars, and things start to get expensive this summer and later this year, our customers are covered and never have to pay a premium.

Ford is building 2021 Ford F-150 pickups without vital components and parking the unfinished vehicles until the right parts arrive, which is the right way to approach this chip shortage. All of the auto manufacturers around the world are going through the same Global Chip Shortage. Still, some of them are producing new cars and trucks without all of their options, or in some cases, without fuel efficiency modules, which will result in lower vehicle performance and higher fuel costs.

Bring in your trade-in today and have a lot full of new Ford’s you can select from or order your dream car. Either way, Bill Brown Ford will work with you to ensure you get the best deal and the best service.

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