As the weeks go by, the semiconductor chip deficit proceeds to rob an increasing number of vehicles in Ford production lines. Previously, there have been over 40,000 units eliminated from The Blue Oval’s production schedules a week, and today, the automaker is suffering more than ever.  Many of these shortages are affecting the latest models of the Ford F-150. To alleviate some of the high consumer demand for Ford, they’re offering $500 off a custom order of a new Ford. 

In total, automakers had to cut 285,000 vehicles from North American manufacturing lines a week, together with 2.58 million lost to date globally. 

Last month Biden promised to create legislation that addressed the chip shortage and provided Congressional funding to support the domestic production of chips. However, it doesn’t appear likely that Biden will invoke the Defense Production Act and redirect accessible chips to automakers. Meanwhile, new and used automobile stock is falling rapidly on dealer lots amid high demand, but those variables aren’t deterring most shoppers from purchasing them.

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