It is no secret that the semiconductor chip deficit is wreaking havoc on automotive manufacturing, especially for Ford, which is being forced to cut its Q2 output in half. Only last week, the automaker removed over 70,000 vehicles from its production schedules.

Meanwhile, Ford is doing everything to position itself to replenish new vehicle inventory as quickly as possible once the chip shortage is over. This involves stashing up 22,000 vehicles, including thousands of Ford Super Duty pickups and 2021 Ford F-150’s, all of which need only chips and final quality checks to be ready for shipment.

Unfortunately, the automotive industry doesn’t expect the shortage to finish any time soon. A recent fire at Japanese chip provider, Renasas’, is a significant cause for concern for Ford, as nine of its own ten Tier 1 suppliers source chips from this company. Nonetheless, it is not just automotive manufacturers feeling the pinch of the chip shortage – U.S. auto parts suppliers are being affected, too.

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